August 2019
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From Bradley

14 Jun Adviser

[caption id="attachment_271" align="alignleft" width="177" caption="The adviser is a coach. Artwork by Kevin Necessary."][/caption] Adviser — an educator who advises students in academic and personal matters. An expert in a particular field of knowledge. The adviser walks a fine line between leading the organization and giving the organization the strength to lead itself. The adviser is an...

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26 May And photographers worth platinum

I was looking over the Pulitzer-Prize winning photographers' work today. And it reminded me that a great photographer is worth his or her weight in platinum. (At $1,147/ounce, that's not chump change.) Seriously, good photos grab a viewer into the page or story both online or in print. I always tell designers and reporters, "If...

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25 May Good reporters worth weight in gold

Are books a thing of the past? Are newspapers dying? What about yearbooks? When blogging first started getting hot in the early years of the millennium people were dying to start blogging. The blog was the new journalism. Now, the power of the press didn't belong to he who owned a press, it belong to...

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20 May Getting scooped

DEBBIE AYLESWORTH — In the newspaper business, no one wants to get “scooped.” That is the process in which one newspaper beats another in the same market with breaking news. Scooped is often the “one up-manship” of the newspaper business....

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20 May What is news

I helped to write a textbook on journalism a while back. "Journalism Today." On page 79, we said, "Once a journalist is trained and experience, news judgment becomes a matter of instinct, of course. Professional journalists make judgments without reference to techniques beginners often rely on." But for beginners, there was the "Who cares?" technique...

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