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NCSMI 2011

FIRST PLACE — WORKSHOP • Erica Horrigan of Cape Fear Academy finalizing her story and interview for her yearbook design course. Photo by Addie Lalier, Cape Fear Academy.

CLICK HERE to view the 2011 slideshow.

A freak thunder storm sends lightning shooting ominously over Carroll Hall. Photo by Justin Perry.

I taught photojournalism to 25 students from all over North Carolina at the North Carolina Scholastic Media Institute June 14-17, 2010. This was not only a chance to work with some great students, it was a great opportunity to recruit students and to talk to them about their future college education.

They produced some great work. Here are links to the slidshows of what they produced.

The Mug Shot — This is an exercise to review the basics of composition and lighting. Students have to watch for a clean background, have to move up close and have to watch for soft light. CLICK HERE for a handout on producing good mug shots.

Blue — Students were given this abstract topic and told to take one photo that fit the topic. They could interpret the world as a color or feeling or in any way they saw.

Workshop — And, of course, students spent a lot of time documenting other people attending the workshop. Indeed, the advanced students produced a Soundslides show to show at the closing ceremony completely with audio. And they shot a three-photo story.

Scavenger Hunt — Students were given a list of about 100 items. Then, in small groups, they had to find objects that represented the list of words. Some were abstract, some very tangible. This is a great chance to review photo skills as well as to work in teams.