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2012 Center for Editing Excellence

Eleven college students and recent college graduates are headed to paid copy editing internships at daily newspapers after 10 days of intensive preparation at The University of Texas at Austin. One professional joined the students to gain skills for a new position.

The interns are among a select group of 81 undergraduate and graduate students placed in internships in copy editing, business reporting and online journalism as part of a competitive national program funded by the News Fund, a foundation of Dow Jones & Co. and participating newspapers. More than 600 students applied for the program.

The School of Journalism at UT Austin, one of five pre-internship training sites for copy editors and designers, has been part of the News Fund program since 1997.

Participants in the UT workshop were involved in newspaper copy editing, design and production assignments as well as online journalism.

Newspaper professionals, visiting faculty and UT journalism faculty moderated the sessions in this 15th residency program at UT Austin.

In the latter half of the pre-internship training, participants produced three issues of a live, model newspaper, the Southwest Journalist and a companion online product, swjournalist.com. The Austin American-Statesman provided printing for the newspaper.

The interns will serve internships of 10 to 14 weeks.

Participants in the UT Austin workshop, including their universities and host news organizations, are:

  • Matthew Bryan Bastible, the University of Texas at Arlington-Beaumont Enterprise;
  • Kristina Bui, University of Arizona-The Los Angeles Times;
  • Benjamin Diaz, Long Beach City College-San Francisco Chronicle;
  • Bryan Scott Dugan Jr., University of Oklahoma-The Tribune, San Luis Obispo, Calif.;
  • Jose D. Enriquez III, the University of Texas at Arlington-The Dallas Morning News;
  • Tor N. Haugan, University of Montana-Missoula-California Bay Area News Group;
  • Jennifer Killin, The Del Rio News-Herald;
  • Thomas Kyle-Milward, the University of Oregon-The Oregonian, Portland;
  • Emily Tate, Purdue University-Austin American-Statesman;
  • Regan Templeton, the University of Texas at Austin-Idaho Falls Post Register;
  • Pashtana Usufzy, the University of Nevada-Las Vegas-San Francisco Chronicle;
  • Vinny Vella, La Salle University-The Denver Post.

Grants from the News Fund and contributions from participating newspapers cover the cost of the workshops.

Participating newspapers pay interns a weekly wage for their work during the internship. Students returning to their universities after the internships are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship provided by the News Fund.

Directing the UT workshop were S. Griffin Singer, director; George Sylvie, assistant director; and Sonia Reyes-Krempin, administrative assistant of the UT School of Journalism.

Faculty included Beth Butler, assistant workshop director, from Kent State University; Amy Zerba of the University of Florida, formerly with CNN.com, Atlanta, Ga., and the Austin American-Statesman; Linda Shockley, deputy director of the News Fund, Princeton, N.J.; and Bradley Wilson, former coordinator of student media advising at North Carolina State University and editor of Communication: Journalism Education Today.

Drew Marcks, senior editor of the Austin American-Statesman, coordinated the interns’ visit to that newspaper.

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