DJNF Texas 2020

10 interns off to change the world

Ten college students and recent college graduates are headed to editing internships after completing eight days of intensive preparation at the University of Texas at Austin — virtually.

Southwest JournalistThe interns are among a group of undergraduate and graduate students placed in internships in copy editing, business reporting and digital journalism. The program is operated by the Dow Jones News Fund and, for the first time this year, the Texas Press Association.

The Associated Press allowed students to use the wire services for content and instructional material and School Newspapers Online hosted the Southwest Journalist website.

Newspaper professionals, visiting faculty and UT journalism faculty moderated the sessions in this 23rd residency program at UT-Austin.

In the latter half of the pre-internship training, participants produced three issues of a model daily newspaper, the Southwest Journalist, as well as a companion online product,

The UT-News Fund interns serve internships of 10 to 12 weeks. Grants from the News Fund and contributions from participating news organizations cover the participants’ training. This year, for the first time, the training was held virtually, using more than eight hours of classroom instruction and production per day via Zoom and Google Hangouts. The DJNF internships themselves will also be virtual.

Beth Butler and Bradley Wilson served as co-directors of the workshop with assistance from Kathleen McElroy, director of the UT School of Journalism, and Alexis Chavez, administrative associate.

Faculty also included Mark Grabowski, associate professor at Adelphi University and Griff Singer, retired senior lecturer at the University of Texas School of Journalism and former director of the Center for Editing Excellence.

The 2020 participants, their schools and their internship assignments are as follows:

Guest speakers included:

PDF versions of the Southwest Journalism: