April 2020
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From Bradley

Alvis Reaves

18 Aug Here’s to Alvis

I have been pretty busy lately. Today is the last day of summer and, for all practical purposes, the fall semester starts tomorrow. Syllabi are due. Annual reports are due. I won't have any more time to do research, just teach. But then I got a text message: "Alvis Reaves was found dead this morning at...

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03 Aug First group to visit China

The invitation was typewritten and not very long. "The Westlake High School Band is cordially welcome to come to Guangzhou (Canton), People's Republic of China, for a special tour. Please send concert program for final approval." It was from the Liaison Office of the China International Travel Service, and it launched more than a year of little...

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12 May CI&E 2019: A Look Back

It was another year full of Trump. Trump. Trump. On many days, U.S. President Donald Trump set the agenda with his early-morning tweet. And the news media, mostly the television outlets, let it drive their agenda all day. But the students in the Texas Current Issues and Events competition this year knew that there was...

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25 Aug I’ve had the honor of editing JEA magazine

VISIT C:JET CONTENT ONLINE I remember when H.L. Hall called me, sitting in my apartment in Austin back in 1997. As the JEA president, he was looking for an editor for the JEA publications, then Communication: Journalism Education Today and NewsWire. I was excited and honored. In the fall of 1997, I started editing NewsWire. In his...

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24 Jun Mallard Mommy: Stupid or Smart?

  I want a dog. D-O-G. Everyone knows that. But everyone also knows I'm gone too much to have a dog. Not fair to the dog. So, when I came home from teaching at the Dow Jones News Fund Center for Teaching Excellence and found duck, D-U-C-K, nesting in my backyard, I labeled her as "the dumbest Mallard I...

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26 Jan Val Kibler: Happy 50th

Val Kibler doesn't like to have her picture taken. So that I was able to find 56 unique images from the last decade is actually kind of remarkable. But it's really a testimony to how much Kibler has been out in front, leading the way in scholastic journalism for the last decade. This January Kibler celebrates...

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