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Dow Jones News Fund

Every year, a group of a dozen or more college students starting their internships right after the workshop gather to participate in the Dow Jones News Fund Center for Editing Excellence at the University of Texas at Austin. Here are links to some of the work they produced as part of an editing/design exercise in real time and on deadline to produce a daily paper and website for three consecutive days. CLICK HERE for more.

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College Media Association
Associated Collegiate Press

  • College Media Mega Workshop, MINNEAPOLIS, summer 2017
  • College Media Association Shoot-Out, AUSTIN, fall 2015 • FIRST PLACE AND CLASS FAVORITE | Taylor Slifko, Austin Peay State University (Jake Lowary. adviser); SECOND PLACE | Jack H. Taylor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Wesley Lewis & Caitlyn Zhang, advisers); THIRD PLACE | Scott Robert Williams, Youngstown State University (Dave Davis, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION | Violetta Valeeva, Missouri Western State University (James Carviou, adviser); JUDGES INCLUDED: Amy Zerba, Carole Babineaux, Deborah Cannon, Eric Thomas, Griff Singer, Jamie Gilbert, Jeff Grimm, Jim McNay, John Beale, Kathleen Flores, Kelly Glasscock, Lauren Roberts, Mark Zeltner, Matt Stamey, Mickey Osterreicher, Nell Carroll, Nils Rosdahl, Park Street, Pat Gathright, Ralph Barrera, Sam Oldenburg, Shawn Kaplan, Sherri Taylor, Steve Sweitzer, Tara Haelle, Tom Hallaq
  • College Media Association Shoot-Out, NEW YORK CITY, spring 2015 • FIRST PLACE and 3rd CLASS FAVORITE: Adam Ernesto Fuentes, Mt. San Antonio College (Toni Albertson, adviser); SECOND PLACE: Frank Ladra, San Francisco State University (Rachele Kanigel, adviser); THIRD PLACE: Pablo Unzueta. Mt. San Antonio College (Toni Albertson, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION and 2nd CLASS FAVORITE: Steven O’Toole, Tallahassee Community College; HONORABLE MENTION: Parker Shoaff, University of Portland (Nancy Copic, adviser); CLASS FAVORITE: Skye Duncan, Baylor University (Paul Carr, adviser); JUDGES INCLUDED: Amy Zerba, Bonnie Dodwell, Bretton Zinger, Brian Powell, Carole Babineaux, Carrie Pratt, Cary Conover, Chris Gillon, Chuck Cook, David Snodgrass, David Studinski, Denise Nemec, Ed Arke, Elena Jarvis, Ellen Banner, Eric Thomas, Frank Robertson, Hillary Hollis, Jamie Lynn Gilbert, Jim McNay, John Beale, Julie Freeman, Justin Miller, Kathleen Flores, Kathy Daly, Kelly Glasscock, Kelly Morr, Kevin Cathcart, Kevin Dilley, Kingsley Burns, Kyle Miller, Lauren Roberts, Leah Waters, Lindsey Wotanis, Mark Dolejs, Mark Hertzberg, Mark Zeltner, Matt Stamey, Mattie Watson, Michael Koretzky, Mike Anderson, Mike Ross, Mitchell Franz, Nils Rosdahl, Pat Gathright, Peter Huoppi, Rachel Hubbard, Rachele Kanigel, Rich Riski, Robert Heller, Sally Renaud, Sam Oldenburg, Sherri Taylor, Steve Sweitzer, Tara Haelle, Thaoms Price, Thomas Hallaq, William Sutley
  • College Media Association Shoot-Out, PHILADELPHIA, fall 2014 • FIRST PLACE — Tim Kothlow, California Baptist University (Michael Chute, adviser); CLASS FAVORITE and SECOND PLACE — Jamie Stricklin, University of Arkansas (Steve Wilkes, adviser); THIRD PLACE — Matt Merchant, Kent State University (Mitch McKenney, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION — Julie Gurrola, California Baptist University (Michael Chute, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION — Klara Johannesen, John Brown University (Marquita Smith, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION — Rebecca Dietrich, Slippery Rock University(Mark Zeltner); JUDGES INCLUDED: Alex Sanchez, Amy Kilpatrick, Bryan Farley, Cary Conover, Chris Gillon, Chris Lusk, Cindy Todd, Clint Smith, Darlene Bouchard, Ellen Austin, Ellen Banner, Eric Thomas, Eva Cranford, George Bridges, Jackie Dobson, Jim McNay, John Beale, Josh Merwin, Judy Walgren, Kathy Daly, Katie Buzdor, Kelby Wingert, Kelly Furnas, Kyle Grantham, Kyle Phillips, Lauren Roberts, Laurie Hansen, Leonard Whitney, Linda Barrington, Mark Zeltner, Matt Hagen, Michael Weimer, Mitch Ziegler, Patrick Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Ray Westbrook, Rex Curry, Rob Bradley, Rob Chron, Robert Nulph, Sam Oldenberg, Sam Womack, Seth Gitner, Sherri Taylor, Todd Maisel, Trey Grissom, Will McKay, William Snyder, Zach Hetrick
  • College Media Association Shoot-Out, NEW YORK CITY, spring 2014 • FIRST PLACE, Jessica Christian, San Francisco State University (Rachele Kanigel, adviser); SECOND PLACE, Al Evans, Palm Beach State College (S. Lizabeth Martin, adviser); CLASS FAVORITE AND THIRD PLACE, Irma Gutierrez Sanchez, Miami Dade College (Manolo Barco, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION, Arron Montes, Hispanic Link News Service (Jody Beck, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION, Tori Addis, Cowley County Community College (Meg Smith, adviser); JUDGES INCLUDED Carole Babineaux, Ellen Banner, Darlene Bouchard, Kingsley Burns, Mark Dolejs, Austin Dowd, Kelly Glasscock, Bryan Farley, Amy Kilpatrick, Kevin Kleine, Bill Neville, Brian Powell, Matt Stamey, John Marshall Mantel, T.J. Maynes, Sam Oldenburg, Jim Sigmon, Susan Skalicky, Luis Zapata
  • College Media Association Shoot-Out, NEW ORLEANS, fall 2013 • FIRST PLACE Tiffany Fields, Lenoir-Rhyne University (Richard Gould, adviser); SECOND PLACE — Taylor Craig Sutton, University of Georgia (Ed Morales, adviser); THIRD PLACE AND CLASS FAVORITE — Bosley Jarrett, Vanderbilt University (Chris Carroll, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION — Crystal Schick, SAIT Polytechnic (Heather Setka, publishing manager); HONORABLE MENTION — Jessica Bills, California Baptist University (Michael Chute, adviser); HONORABLE MENTION — Danielle Veenstra, College of Central Florida (Rob Marino, adviser); JUDGES INCLUDED Rex Curry, Orlando Flores, Bryan Marley, Cary Conover, Jeff Reeves, Matt Hagen, Scott Strazzante, Joe Michaud-Scorza, Brad Smith, Ryan Perry, David Massy, Ted Jackson, Alex Sanchez, Chuck Cook, Matt Stamey, David Kasnic, Paul Friesen, Jason Ivester, Gary Lundren, Stan Godwin, Nathan Hardin, Lauren Roberts, Susan Poag
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-Out, CHICAGO, fall 2012 • FIRST PLACE — Philip Vukelich, University of Idaho (Shawn O’Neil, instructor); SECOND PLACE — Shan Huang, Arkansas State University (Bonnie Thrasher, instructor); THIRD PLACE — Darin  Dubinsky, Milwaukee Area Technical College (Robert Hanson, instructor); HONORABLE MENTION AND CLASS FAVORITE — Mark Watkins, Georgia College (Macon McGinley, instructor); And a special thanks to the judges, including Billy Surat, Michael Prince, Jason Martini, Chris Birks, Joe Michaud-Scorza and Steven Dearinger.
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-Out, ORLANDO, fall 2011 • CLASS FAVORITES — FIRST PLACE: Christopher Correa-Ortega, Valencia College; SECOND PLACE: Ashton Bowles, Pepperdine University. JUDGES’ FAVORITES — FIRST PLACE: Timothy Riethmiller, Taylor University, “Welcome to the Freak Show”; SECOND PLACE: Ashton Bowles, Pepperdine University, “Three Bloody Tourists”; THIRD PLACE: Rebehka Blake, Southern Illinois University — Edwardsville, “At the Groove”; THEME: “The City Beautiful”
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-out, LOUISVILLE, fall 2010 • JUDGES’ FAVORITES — FIRST PLACE: Mark Samala, California State University — Fullerton; SECOND PLACE: Kaitie Fox, Malone University; THIRD PLACE: Jordan Boner, Eastern Illinois University; THEME: “The Streets of Louisville.” Students had some fun with this one given the character of the city and the life around Halloween. The judges agreed that the students needed to take more chances, looking beyond the obvious. The top images told a little story about a piece of the city.
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-out, AUSTIN, fall 2009 • FIRST PLACE: Terry Ting, York University; SECOND PLACE: Salvador Chavez, Los Angeles City College (Rhonda Guess, adviser); THIRD PLACE: Jessica Hodder, University of Miami (Randy Stano, adviser); THEME: “Keep Austin Weird.” This was a tough assignment in an interesting city. There was almost too much to cover. But collectively, the images, with the highest-ranked ones shown here, project the city’s weirdness.
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-out, KANSAS CITY, fall 2008 • Chantal Anderson, University of Washington (Kristin Millis, adviser) placed first in this portrait of Kansas City by the photographers attending the national college convention. “When the judges look at the pictures individually and collectively, they should get a feel for Kansas City. Offer an analysis of the city that goes far beyond the superficial. Find a person, place or thing that just screams ‘Kansas City.’”
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-out, WASHINGTON, D.C., fall 2007 • Evan Falk of Ithaca College (Michael Serino, adviser) placed first in this year’s shoot-out.
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-out, ST. LOUIS, Mo., fall 2006 • Annabelle Ombac of Virginia Tech University (Kelly Wolff, adviser) placed first in this year’s shoot-out.
  • College Media Advisers Shoot-out, KANSAS CITY, fall 2005 • Nathan Lang of Johnson County Community College (Anne Christiansen-Bullers, adviser) placed first with his photo of “Kansas City’s 106th homicide of 2005.”


Virginia Association of Teachers and Advisers

High-school photographers gathered in Virginia to learn everything from yearbook design to Web publishing to photojournalism. This is a look at the work by student photojournalists.


North Carolina Scholastic Media Institute

Workshop in Chapel Hill, N.C. Click the link to view a slideshows of some of the work by the students as they completed assignments such as The Mug Shot, Blue, the Workshop and a scavenger hunt.


Carolina Journalism Institute

Workshop at the University of South Carolina sponsored by the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Click the link to view a slideshows of some of the work by the students as they completed their assignments, learning about technique, composition and bringing meaning to their photos as well as the digital aspects of photojournalism from using Adobe Photoshop to the ethical concerns.


College Yearbook Consultants

Click the link to view a slideshow of some of the work by the students as well as photos of the workshop and good times in New Orleans at this workshop for college yearbook students.


Meet Me @ Miami

Meet Me @ Miami summer media workshop • Randy Stano and Marcia Meskiel-Macy put on this great workshop with faculty members like Sean Kelly, Denise Jacobs, Kevin Fullerton, Jeremy Newman, Sarah Baird, Lori Brooks, Betsy Rau, Ron Johnson and me. What a great group for this first-time workshop. In 2012, it was just me, Randy and Lori, but we still had a great time and the students produced some great work.